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The Ghummakads

Prashanti Mudgal

Prashanti is a Doctor by Profession and traveller by passion, she has travelled since childhood (her father was with Air India). Even today she cannot sit at home for long time, her car is the best companion. She has travelled from North to South India by her car and has lot of stories to share. If you meet her next time on your trip, do listen to her wonderful experiences.

Mayank Dahal Khatri(Manoj)

Mayank has more than 9 years of experience in IT field has worked in various capacities as a programmer, web designer, and content developer. Apart from his technical side, he has a creative wing where he is a photographer, a DJ, and a dancer.Now his wish is to show others the world in the way he perceives. If you meet him on one of our trips don't forget to ask him for a dance performance.

Mayank has been an IT guy all his life, worked with some big companies as a consultant and sales advisor. This has provided him an opportunity to travel the world from Australia to USA, In India apart from business travel he has never travelled by flight, his Safari and Bullet were always there to accompany him to every part of India.

Ramesh is the youngest but most energetic member of our team. An avid traveller with an amazing sense of humor loves off-roading. If you travel with him to Ladakh, you will find him saddling 90% of the time.