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Who We Are

The Ghummakads

Do Right

Our Principle: Do the right thing constantly without fail,for our team, customers and places we visit. it's a vow to continuously challenge ourselves in making life better for everyone around us.

Spread Happiness

People matters the most to us. In excitement we never lose focus from what makes who we are – Likeminded people, community and culture. Hence it’s our privilege and responsibility to spread happiness where we go and with whom we travel.

Be Ludicrous

We realized long time ago that best of adventure comes when you meet the unexpected, take to road less travelled and that is what create stories. Hence we always strive to bring something new on our trips which will be cherished for long time.

Be the Change

Evolution is an ongoing process and like it is said if you’re not changing, you’re not growing. Therefore we work towards providing the best experience, in order to change the way people travel.

Why Motoreise?

Why travel with us?

Been there and done it. We too are adventure seekers; travelled solo, in groups, with family and understand what everyone expects. When we travel to a destination we want to explore as much as we can in the limited time at our disposal, safely with peace of mind. At Motoreise our locally based guides show you your destination as if you are exploring your own backyard and our team ensures that arrangements are top notch which makes you feel pampered.
What to experience the way we travel?

Convivial & Venturesome

Most Popular Adventures We Have

Explore our curated packages to suit everyone needs be it a biking trip, car trip, cycling trip or family vacation.

New Launch Offer

Book two trips with us and get 25% off on your third trip

This offer is valid for trips booked within one year from the first trip start date. Booking needs to be of the same category of vehicle. Explore all packages offered.